Here’s what our patients have to say about us:


Dr. Jacobs did an excellent job fixing my neck! I feel soooo much better now. No neck pain. No headaches. Superb surgeon! Nice man 

– Crishawn 

Dr.Jacobs and Nelly his PA are wonderful! In December when I first came in after an auto accident I was in a ton of pain. I had surgery on my neck in January. I was pain free almost immediately after! I also had to have surgery on my back. It was done 2 weeks ago and the numbing down my leg and pain are gone. No joke his hands are magic! The best thing I ever did!

– Monica  

I was very happy and please with my cervical spine surgery.. I would recommend Dr. Jacobs to anyone!! 

– Pennie  

>He is best surgeon ever….love him. Relieved my severe back pain! 

– Patsy  

In all my experiences with many different practices they were unable to detect the issues related to my neck pain. After 2 years of suffering Dr. Jacobs performed the surgery to remove the herniated disc in my neck and now I feel amazing. I am so grateful. He was a real lifesaver for me!! I am 50 but I feel like 20! 

– Ines 

Dr. Steven Jacobs is one the best doctors I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. His bedside manner is over the top and he is a very loving and caring. 

– Nola  

I am extremely happy with the results of this neck surgery. I was skeptical at first because so many other doctors will not operate on him, but when I first met Dr. Jacobs, all my fears dissipated and I was ready to see some positive changes in my life. I would totally recommend him to my loved ones if they want to get rid of stubborn neck pain, he is the man to got to! 

– Raul  

I have been seeing Dr. Jacobs for 3 years. He is one of the best doctors I ever had to deal with. He did my cervical surgery and my neck is 95% better as he said it would be. I am about to have my back done, and I am proud that he is doing my surgery. I would recommend Dr. Jacobs to any person I would run into that needs Neurosurgery. I would recommend anyone to him, Dr. Jacobs is that good. His staff is excellent and very professional. It is always a pleasure going to and dealing with his office. God bless Dr. Jacobs and his staff.

– Paulette V.

I am a 42 year old man, I perform manual labor at work pretty often, I was injured in a fall. After the ER visit, and following weeks, it became apparent that my injury was more than a minor condition. With the pain levels I was experiencing, I spent several days and weeks calling doctors, and specialists . Dr. Jacobs office responded quickly and professionally to my requests for a visit. They made arrangements to get me in as quickly as possible. Upon arriving for my first visit, I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Jacobs and his staff. My initial impressions were that he was knowledgeable, and very confident that he could give me relief ,which would allow me to resume my life normally . After a few months of testing and imagining, my diagnosis was clear, and it wasn’t a minor injury or something to be taken lightly. It was determined that surgery was the best course of action given my condition. After a second opinion from my family doctor (who agreed with Dr. Jacobs diagnosis), I had lower back surgery (L 3-4, and L4-5) laminectomy , performed by Dr. Jacobs.

Ever since that day, I have been improving steadily ,I felt so much better right away, the pain in my legs is almost gone, and I am off the pain meds altogether. I am able to sleep again, and sit in a car for more than 15 minutes at a time. You don’t realize the value of these simple things until you cannot do them anymore…Dr. Jacobs did exactly what I needed. The following months I have had physical therapy, and I have met many professionals in the medical industry that have all told me what I already knew. Dr. Jacobs was an excellent doctor. From Hospital staff, to Physical therapy , anyone who knows Dr. Jacobs has nothing but praise for him and his work. This has been very reassuring to me and my family, and I feel 100 percent confident recommending him to anyone.

Since my surgery I have referred several friends to Dr. Jacobs, and I would recommend him to anyone having any form of back or neck pain. 

– John D.

I am feeling so much better. Dr. Jacobs is the best doctor in the world. I am no longer walking with a cane. He is an amazing surgeon. I am always singing his praises to people with chronic pain. He is the best doctor ever.

– Kelli B.

Before my surgery I had extreme pain in my right leg due to the herniated disc putting pressure on my nerve. I was unable to work. Following my surgery the pain in my leg was gone completely and I was up and walking. After my surgery I recovered exactly as Dr. Jacobs has discussed with me. I would definitely recommend a friend to be treated by Dr. Jacobs.

– Mike N. 

Before surgery I was in constant chronic pain with no sign of relief. After surgery I am pain free and looking forward to a normal life. Thank you God and Dr. Jacobs for the wonderful work done. 

– Donald K.

 Within a week of surgery I could feel a difference. The pain in my back and leg got better every day. I would without a doubt refer friends. Recently a co-worker was injured after being struck by a car. I told him Dr. Jacobs was the man to see.

– Stephen B.

 Before surgery I had pain in my neck and down my left arm. I was unable to do many daily tasks. After surgery I no longer have any pain and I am able to move comfortably. I have referred a few friends to Dr. Jacobs. He is an excellent surgeon.

– Joanne R.

 Before surgery I was in pain and losing feeling in my arms and legs. After surgery I felt like I had new arms and legs and they were no longer going numb. I had almost no pain 1 month after surgery. I cannot speak highly enough about Dr. Jacobs. If you need a caring surgeon I whole heartedly recommend you look no further than Dr. Steven Jacobs and staff.

– Palma T.

 After my car accident I had a terrible time turning my head, numbness down my right arm and also pins and needles down my left leg. I also had some numbness down my right leg and walking was a task. Right after surgery, while in recovery, I noticed that all that had caused me misery and pain was no longer there. I had an instant relief of wellness. I now have no pain, no limping and no complaining. I no longer feel as though I am suffering in silence. I feel whole again thanks to Dr. Jacobs and staff.

– Lilly M.

Before surgery I was in constant daily pain. The pain was the worst I had ever experienced. I was having headaches, cervical pain, tingling of my hands and fingers. I felt as though I was just existing. One month after surgery there was relief in the cervical area and I experienced less headaches. I have been following Dr. Jacobs for 12 years. I have already referred a couple of friends to him. Keep up the good work!

– Bonnie H.

 Before Surgery I had chronic pain in my lower back as well as pain down my legs, particularly the left leg. Walking, sitting and even holding a light weight laundry basket was unbearable. It was difficult to keep up the pace of daily activities let alone hold my 4 year young daughter. After almost two weeks I am recovering well and can feel the benefits of my decision to have the surgery. While I am experiencing the “norms” of post surgery pain. I am confident that Dr. Jacobs and his team have changed my life for the better and I would highly recommend Dr. Jacobs to my loved ones friends and anyone who my require the level of quality care that Dr. Jacobs provides with such care and compassion. 

– Angela L.

 Constant pain before surgery and almost 100% after surgery. I now have very minimal pain. I would absolutely refer a friend.

– Marlene V.

Prior to surgery both my arms and legs were getting progressively more numb with a strong feeling of pins and needles. I also have severe neck and lower back pain. Since pain management injections were unsuccessful I opted for surgery with Dr. Jacobs. One month after surgery my arms and legs felt normal and the severe pain was gone. I have referred friends to Dr. Jacobs and will continue to do so. He takes the time to clearly explain all options and answer all your questions. I truly feel Dr. Jacobs’ professional care has significantly improved my quality of life.

– Gary L.

I experienced severe back and leg pain before surgery. Immediately after surgery my pain was relieved. I would definitely refer a friend. Dr. Jacobs and his staff provided excellent care and follow-up.

– Leo R.

 The pain before surgery was unbearable. After surgery I felt like a new person. My pain is gone and I still have plenty of movement. I would absolutely refer a friend or family member if they needed something like this done. Dr. Jacobs is the man. 

– Billi C.

 I was in a lot of pain due to a car accident when I met Dr. Jacobs. After surgery I felt really good and felt pain free. I would recommend Dr. Jacobs. He did a wonderful job on me and has excellent bedside manners. Dr. Jacobs is my “Angel” and I have told him this many times. He is a wonderful doctor.

– Tara C.

Dr. Jacobs skill is 2nd to none. My results are testament to that. Everyone in His Office are exceptional on a Personal and Professional Level. I highly reccomend them.

John H

Dr Jacobs and his staff are excellent , he touched base with every option to avoid surgery , when surgery was unavoidable , everything was explained to me , Dr Jacobs and his Assistant Nelly took very good care of me during and after surgery , thank you so much !

-Joe D

Just had surgery with Dr Jacobs yesterday, he is wonderful, caring, and knowledgeable. He explained everything to me and fixed me right up. He was recommended to me by my attorney and I also highly recommend him you’ll be in good hands.

-Nakiia H

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